Services & Rates



~ FBSM Fusion ~

Intuitive and slow FBSM Fusion incorporates the style of Nuru and FBSM combining it all into one. Creating a slow natural tease that continues to build through-out the session. With tantalizing body slides that are complimented with organic oils it only makes sense to fuse therapeutic touch along with sensual touch. While keeping grounded during the massage it still remains playful and genuine. Allowing it to captivate into a rhythmic movement catering to specific kinks and sensitivities along the way. Bringing both of us to a new awareness that will forever be unique to us in that moment.

_kak2550-edit-3Established clients are grandfathered*

160 – 30 minutes

250 – 60 minutes

300 – 90 minutes

450 – 120 minutes

~ FBSM Fusion + ~

Want to add a little spice? Have an oral fixation? FBSM Fusion plus has all the makings of a FBSM session that brings it to the next level. This is practiced safely. Please inform me if you are  allergic to latex before our appointment.


250 ~ 30 minute

300 ~ 60 minutes

400 ~ 90 minutes

500 ~ 120 minutes


300 – 60 minutes

400 – 90 minutes

500 – 120 minutes

*30 minutes appointments are not available for Outcalls*

Doubles available upon request


Double Goddess Sessions are available with Yvonna Aria of LA. Yvonna and I are not only good friends but have started out at the same massage studio. Both our intuitive styles flow together effortlessly creating a genuine authenticity that are essential for Dous. Yvonna has studied tantra and massage in Thailand before traveling around the world mentoring others through the healing of touch. She is always such a great spirit to have around it’s never work when we’re together.



300 – 30 mins

400 – 60 mins

600 – 90 mins

800 – 120 mins

Doubles available with Yvonna Aria _DSC1270-2_DSC1178_DSC2077


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