Screening & Booking

If this is our first time meeting I would prefer to be contacted via email with a brief introduction and the proper verification prepared. Once we have cleared a reference I will then schedule a quick conversation over the phone to make sure we are well suited for one another before booking. I typically will reply to emails right away or within 24 hours.

If all else fails a brief intro about yourself and what you are interested in never hurt. I understand that for some people this is their first experience and my not have a reference to start out with. Please don’t hesitate to email me, we can arrange another form of verification that is still confidential.


I am always discrete with all screening, I never make phone calls to employers or post/add anything to websites or social networks.

I will need either one of the following options…

A) A reference from another provider along with her

  • Name
  • Email
  • Link to her ad  or website

When offering a provider’s reference it is best to reach out to her first to make sure she is comfortable with providing a reference.

B) A professional website showing who you are and your work title such as a Linkedin page. 


F)  A picture of your business card or conference lanyard. Feel free to block out any personal information. I am only looking for your name and to verify that you are a working professional.

I understand that screening may seem intimidating at first but I screen for my safety and well-being. Please feel free to blur out any personal information such as your address or company name. I’m am only looking for your name and/or picture to verify that you are a working professional and that you are a serious inquiry. 

You may email references to

You may text references to 415-539-9869

When inquiring to book please reply with

  1. Your reference
  2. When you last saw her
  3. A brief description of yourself
  4. When and how long of a appointment you are interested in
  5. When/how/ or if it is okay to contact you

*I don’t return phone calls unless you have left me a voicemail stating to call you.

*When leaving a voicemail please state when to return your call.

If I miss your call send me a text!

I do reply to text messages.

It is best to text or call for same day appointments.

It is best to pre-book your appointments through email a day in advance.



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