Arrival & Etiquette

Prior to Arrival

– Prior to arrival I just ask that you look over your nails to see if they are nice and trimmed without any sharp edges. Just remember that your nails don’t necessarily need to be long in order to still have sharp edges. I do provide disposable nail files here for last minute touch ups.

(There is no bigger turn off than a man with unkept nails and feet.)

Remember to confirm with me prior to arrival at the time specified. Without confirmation I will assumed you have canceled.

– It is very important that you arrive on time.

– I am typically ready 10 minutes prior to our appointment time unless specified otherwise.

– If you are early please contact me before arriving unannounced.

– I allow everyone a 5 minute leeway to be a little late but then after that it will start to cut into your own appointment time unless expressed otherwise.

– Please let me know at any point and time if you are running 1-15 minutes late or need to cancel so that I may plan accordingly.

– If you are more than 15 minutes late I will need to cancel.

– I would recommend allowing yourself at least 10-15 minutes to look for parking, sometimes it’s not a problem sometimes it takes a little effort. (Please take in-account that weekends in the city may be busy with festivals, baseball games, critical mass etc.)

Upon Arrival

– Upon arrival please wait until we are inside the studio before you greet me.

Please leave the donation in plan site.

– I do ask every guest to shower upon arrival.

– I provide all the amenities that you may need for our appointment. Feel free to take advantage of them.

– Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions or concerns you may have prior to beginning our session.

– Please let me know if you have had any recent injuries and/or surgeries I need to be aware of before our session. This includes any medications that may affect your performance.

– Tipping is at your discretion.

* I Do Not Offer Full Service *

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