Angel Vee

Hi, I’m Angel and I’m a FBSM provider located in San Francisco.

Originally from California I’m a hometown girl with exotic natural features. A blend of Asian and South American heritage I’m the embodiment of the modern day American women.

I’ve developed my touch and approach with the freedom and idea of exploring movement and intimacy together. Establishing a genuine connection allows me to connect on a deeper level, creating work that is fulfilling and unique to us in that moment.

Often times we find ourselves caught up in the stress of day-to-day life. Overlooking our own needs without a proper outlet to openly explore what they are on a safe plateform.

Rhythmic and slow my movement intuitively integrates therapeutic touch along side sensual touch. Catering to specific needs, kinks and desires builds a tease that is both playful and interactive. I absolutely consider it an art and as healing as any other therapy.

I am committed to individuals seeking a new way to connect, relax and de-stress. Indulging in self-love that may open up potential for new growth. Only when you find love for yourself can you truly be open to receive it. The joy of making others happy has taught me the value of compassion for the world around us.

But honestly I just really enjoy giving massage. The combination of music and movement is like a dance allowing me to create something new and exciting that is forever changing every time. Being able to impact someone’s life in a positive way will always be rewarding.

I am hoping you share in my desires, together we can ignite a passion within that has yet be discovered.

So whether this is your first time or an old friend, come unwind with me. You can rest assure that you are in good hands.

The Art Of Touch,

Angel Vee




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